Diddi Dance

At Puddleducks we offer Diddi Dance sessions throughout each term. Our pre-schoolers and older toddlers get involved in this fabulous extra-curricular activity. The programme of dance that Laura teaches has been designed to compliment and enhance the Early Years Foundation Stage framework that we already work with. Laura’s sessions combine a variety of games and dance exercises with props and songs to help children’s co-ordination, rhythm and both gross and fine motor skills. Our Diddi Dance sessions aid us to support children’s learning about their bodies, language development and above all social skills.

Diddi Dance explores a variety of dancing styles, including hip hop, salsa, Bollywood, rock and roll and jive! The session can be structured to compliment any lessons or themes that we are covering within the nursery and is another great extension to the children’s learning and interests.

The children love exploring different props that Laura brings with her, props help the children with counting, colours, knowing their right and left, musical skills, and even learn numbers in English, French and Spanish!

Diddi Dance sessions are finished with ribbons and hoops to increase children’s spatial awareness, encourage freedom and creativity and to capture their own imaginations.

Puddleducks have been having diddi dance sessions since 2016. I can say that the last 4 years of teaching the Preschool children here has been an absolute pleasure! It's always sad to see the older ones leave to go onto school but they all get a certificate of achievement at the end of the summer term. The staff and children are so welcoming and I honestly feel like part of their Puddleducks family. I love sharing my passion for dance with them all

Laura, Diddi Dance Teacher, March 2020