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New releases
Please keep a check on this page for developments at Puddleducks, you will be able to see current and past developments that have benefited the nursery.
September 2010
We are very excited to be able to purchase new resources across all 3 areas of the nursery, babies, toddlers and pre-school. Just some of the exiting things that we have added to our ever growing collection of recourses include:

Babies: New tables and chairs suitable for the babies’ level of support needed, new floor play activities, large play mats and heuristic play materials which so far are proving very popular with the babies!

Toddlers: New tables and chairs – again which now support the toddlers development, a new indoor play house, dolls house, lots of maths and investigatory activities, a soft seating area, and brand new sleep mats!

Pre-school: Pre-school have been extremely lucky with the wide range of new recourses purchased for them, just some of these include a new puppet theatre, lots of investigatory materials and activities such as mirrors, magnets, listening stating, computer, light board, a soft seating area, dressing up area, new role play kitchen, and lots, lots more!

October 2010-10-19
This month is what we have all been waiting for – our garden has been re-developed! The stresses and strains of having the builders in for a week have now become a rewarding experience! We have had a brand new wet pour surface installed by Billy Bounce wet pour company. This is play ground flooring which gives us a soft surface as well as lots of fun – we have a new road way to drive our cars and bikes on as well as zebra crossings to practise safely crossing the road! We also have lots of shapes hidden on the floor for the children to explore and a giant hopscotch to promote the children’s gross motor skills as well as increasing play in mathematical areas. The top part of our garden is also being developed as a natural area with a wooden tree trunk play area, sleeper stepping stones, two large sand pits and a paved area for a mark making area which will in time become a covered area as well.